We empower people and create connection through fashion

Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy

Manifiesto speaks to a new generation of conscious fashion consumers on a journey of self-actualization.

We’re inspired by the most talented creators rooted in Latin culture creating ethical goods of authentic design and uncompromising quality. We lead our customers into their own journeys, by connecting their present self with whom they aspire to be.

We connect worlds, people and purpose.

PH credit: Jay Corzo
PH credit: Claudia Gomez
PH credit: Juan Moore

A Touch of Magic: Visual Storytelling and Content Creation

Our team meticulously crafted Manifiesto’s visual identity, infusing each frame with a touch of artistry.

With content carefully curated, we gave life to the website and social media channels.

Every piece was produced to resonate with the brand’s ethos, helping the brand stand out in an overcrowded industry and inviting shoppers to engage.

A brand that lives beyond the screen

Manifiesto was created to expand its presence beyond the digital realm, with plans for launching physical stores and captivating out-of-home advertising campaigns.

Packing and

From handwritten notes to custom boxes and compostable bags, Manifiesto’s packaging crafts yet another unforgettable brand encounter that enriches the overall brand experience.

“Working with Plural was nothing short of extraordinary. They not only understood my vision, but brought it to life in ways I couldn’t have imagined.”

Leah Wald
Chief Executive Officer