Preserving legacy,
embracing the future

Digital Strategy, Brand Strategy

Preserving the essence of a firm with a storied history like NBWW presented a unique challenge. It required a delicate balance between honoring their remarkable past and propelling them forward into a future characterized by innovation and dynamism.

We embarked on an extensive process of research and dialogue, delving into the heart of what had defined NBWW for decades. The insights gleaned from conversations with key stakeholders, past clients, and team members formed the bedrock of the rebranding strategy.

We identified the core values, design philosophies, and architectural signatures that had become synonymous with NBWW.

Elevating Impact through Minimalist Aesthetics

A dynamic brand system with infinite possibilities

We developed a new brand narrative and extended it to digital channels.

“Plural didn’t just transform our brand, they breathed new life into it. Their design propelled us to new heights. The collaboration was nothing short of extraordinary!”

Igor Reyes
Principal, Nichols Architects