Crypto investing for anyone and everyone.

Digital Strategy, Brand Strategy

As one of the pioneering crypto ETFs listed on NASDAQ, Valkyrie embarked on a mission to democratize crypto investing.

With the goal of making crypto approachable, we crafted a brand that seamlessly blends the trusted foundations of traditional finance with the dynamic, contemporary language of digital enterprises.

Through a disruptive brand identity, we ignited the curiosity of investors stepping into the world of digital assets, helping launch Valkyrie into a $1B valuation in their first year.

Taking the brand from digital to people’s hands.

At the 2021 World Bitcoin Conference, we orchestrated the design of Valkyrie’s merchandise and booth. Valkyrie’s distinct presence, as a proud sponsor, left an indelible mark, embodying innovation on this global stage.

Amplifying Valkyrie’s

Our meticulous social media strategy aligned content with their brand essence, ensuring every post resonated with their audience, solidifying their position as industry leaders.

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to engage Plural for our brand launch. They dove deep into understanding the cryptocurrency ecosystem and translated our vision into a disruptive design, development and content that had heads turning at Bitcoin 2021.”

Leah Wald
Chief Executive Officer, Valkyrie